Brand new Laptop dc power jack with cable DC Jack Connector for Dell 1710 notebook

Laptop power dc jack basic information

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2. For Dell 1710
3. Jack with Cable
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5. Condition: New
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Product Features:

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The DC power jack is a vital component of your laptop computer. It is a small metal piece that conducts electricity to the computer. The power adapter plug is inserted into the jack. After continued use, the jack can begin to break down and fail. If the power jack is failing, the plug may be loose or the laptop may have difficulty charging. It is possible to install a DC power jack on your laptop yourself when it needs replacing.


Product Specifications:

Package Includes:
1 x DC Power Jack Connector with cable

Compatible with:
Dell 1710  Laptop

How to Install a Laptop DC power Jack

1.  Unplug the computer from the electrical outlet. Set the laptop face down on a flat surface and push the battery release button on the bottom. Pull out the battery pack.

2.  Loosen and remove the screws on the bottom of the laptop with the appropriate type screwdriver. Since the number of screws depends on the computer model, make sure you have removed all of them. Remove the screws attaching the hard drive and pull it out.

3. Take out the two screws located behind the screen, which holds it in place. Carefully lift up the screen until it is free of the computer's base. Make sure you do not disconnect the wires. Place the screen next to the computer.

4.  Push up on the keyboard to reveal the metal plate beneath it. Take out the screws securing the plate with a screwdriver. This will reveal the laptop's motherboard. Set the plate next to the computer.

5.  Pull off the old DC jack from its place in the rear-left corner of the motherboard with tweezers. Firmly push the new power jack into place in the grooves until it locks into place.

6.  Squeeze out two or three drops of Super Glue around the jack for added security.

7.  Reassemble the laptop in the reverse order by securing the metal plate with screws. Screw the keyboard back into place on top of the plate. Lower the screen back into place and reattach the screws. Replace the hard drive and all the screws in the bottom of the computer. Slide the battery pack back into place. Plug the computer in and test the new power jack.