Brand new Super slim 9.5mm SATA (ODD) to IDE (HDD) 2nd HDD enclosure(caddy)

Key Features:

1.Conditions: New
2.Form Format: 2.5"
3.Interface: SATA to IDE
4.for 9.5mm universal one
5. Height: 9.5mm
6.Weight: 400g

Model:2nd OBHD 9.5mm SATA (ODD) to IDE (HDD)

External Interface: SATA,connect to ODD(optical disk drive)
Internal Interface:IDE,connect to HDD(hard disk drive)
No cables, PSU and software driver needed


Add this caddy to your notebook to give you another hard drive. Simply remove your DVD drive and put the Caddy (with the added hard drive) in it's place... This is a good working adapter and is Guaranteed. Ideal for adding extra storage or back up data from primary HDD.


Product  Specification:

1. Condition: Brand New
2. Interface: SATA (ODD) to IDE (HDD)
3. Form Format: 2.5" Size HDD Drive

Package Included:

1 x SATA  to IDE  HDD Hard Drive Caddy for Universal One
4 x Screws

More Features:

1. 100% brand new and high quality
2. Plug and play, easy to use
3. Can expand your system and storage capacity with an additional hard drive
4. Modular construction, you can just remove the CD driver and put this in the slot
5. Fast & Reliable connection in laptop, just as the primary HDD
6. Support installation of 2nd operating system on the 2nd HDD and boot selection
7. Fully integrated into laptop, no cables/PSU/software driver needed


How to add a second hard drive to your laptop with our Optical Bay Hard Drive caddy

* Step 1  Install the hard drive in the OBHD caddy.  We offer SATA and PATA versions.
* Step 2 Turn the  OBHD caddy over and secure the hard drive to the bottom of the caddy with the four drive screws provided.
* Step 3 Replace the top cover of the OBHD caddy and secure with the screws provided.
* Step 4 - Turn laptop over.  Most laptops have a screw that secures the CD/DVD drive into the drive bay.  Consult your Owner's Manual  for the location of this screw, and  remove.   After removal of the screw, you will be able to slide the CD/DVD drive out of the drive bay.   TIP: if you are having difficulty pulling the CD/DVD drive out, use th edge of a plastic credit cart to help loosen the drive.
* Step 5 - Most CD/DVD drives will have a small bracket attached to the back of the drive.  Remove the bracket (oftentimes these are secured with two screws). This small metal bracket will be transfered to the OBHD caddy.
* Step 6 - Attach the small bracket you just removed from the CD/DVD drive to the OBHD caddy.
* Step 7 - Insert OBHD into laptop and secure at the bottom with the screw that came with the laptop.