OT-2N1/90LCD AC/DC 2 In 1 90W Universal Laptop Adapter (Manual)

OT-2N1/90LCD AC/DC 2 In 1 90W Universal Laptop Adapter (Manual)

Model: OT-2N1/90LCD

DC Input:Input Voltage: DC 11-15V; Input Current: 10A Max
AC Input: Input Voltage: AC 110-240V; Input Current: 1.6A
Output power(max): 90W
Input power: 50VA
USB Port output:5V@1A MAX
Output Voltage: DC15V-24V
Output Current: 15/16/18/19/20V @ 4.5A; 21/22/24V @ 3.75A MAX
Overload protection: yes
Short circuit protection: yes
Line regulation: +/-5%
Load regulation: +/-5%
Adjustable output voltage
LED voltage display
1, Computer controlled automatic voltage selection to suit your application
2, Provides a wide range of output voltages: 5V/12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V/24V
3, Includes 8 DC power tips to ensure compatibility with most netbook models
4, USB port can be worked for cellphone, MP3/4,etc
5, Ultra fine voltage control for optimum performance
6, No fiddly switches to set so no risk of selecting the wrong voltage for your application
7, Built in safety circuits to ensure sensitive electrical circuitry is not damaged

Laptop Connector Specification:

 19V: 18.2-19.5V  4.74A  4.8x1.7 - HP/COMPAQ: 18.5V/2.7A, 18.5V/3.5A; 18.5V/3.8A, 18.5V/4.9A; DELTA: 19V/2.64A; ASUS: 19V/2.64A; NEC: 19V/2.64A etc

 15V: 14.2-15.5V  6A        6.3*3.0*10.7mm - TOSHIBA: 15V/3A, 15V/4A; 15V/5A, 15V/6A; NEC: 15V/6A etc

 19V:  18.2-19.5V 4.74A   5.5*2.1*10.7mm - ACER: 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42A, 19V/4.74A;LITEON: 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42; NEC: 19V/3.16A etc

 19V: 18.2-19.5V 4.74A   5.5*2.5*10.7mm - IBM: 19V/4.2A; DELL: 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42A; DELTA: 19V/2.64A;COMPAQ/HP: 18.5V/4.9A, 19V/4.9A; NEC: 19V/2.64A, 19V/3.16A;TOSHIBA: 19V/3.16A;

 19V/3.42, 19V/4.74A ; ASUS: 19V/4.74A;LS: 20V/3.25A; LITEON: 9V/3.16A, 19V/3.42, 19V/4.74A;GATEWAY: 19V/3.16A;19V/3.42, 19V/3.68A, 19V/4.74A etc.

 16V:  15.2-16.5V  5A      5.5*2.5*10.7mm - IBM: 16V/2.2A, 16V/3.36A, 16V/3.5A, 16V/4.5A etc.

 19V:  18.2-19.5V 4.74A  5.5*3.0*10.7mm - SAMSUNG: 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.75A, 19V/4.22A, 19V/4.74A, etc.

 16V:  15.2-16.5V   5A      6.0*4.3*10.7mm pin1.0 - SONY: 16V/3.42A, 16V/3.75A, 16V/4A; FUJITSU: 16V/3.36A, 16V/3.75A etc

 19.5V: 18.7-20V   5.62A  4.8*1.7*10.7mm - SONY: 19.5V/2.7A, 19.5V/3A, 19.5V/4.1A, 19.5V/4.7A; FUJITSU: 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.69A, 19V/4.22A, etc.


Additional Laptop Connector Specification:

19V: 18.2 ~ 19.5V  4.74A     5.5 x 1.7 x 10.7mm - TOSHIBA: 19V/3.95A; ACER: 19V/3.42A; DELTA: 20V/3.5A etc

19.5V:  18.7 ~ 20.0V 4.62A  7.4 x 5.0 x 12.5mm Centre Pin 0.6 - DELL: 19.5V/3.34A 19.5V/4.62A etc.

20V:  19.2 ~ 20.5V  4.5A       7.3 x 7.4mm 3 Pin - DELL: 20V/3.5A 20V/4.5A etc.

22V: 21.2 ~ 22.5V 2.04A      3.5 x 1.35 x 9.5mm - SHARP: 22V/1.8A 22V/2.04A etc.

20V:  19.2 ~ 20.5V 4.5A       7.9 x 12 x 9.5mm - IBM/LENOVO: 20V/4.5A 20V/3.25A etc.

15V : 14.2 ~ 15.5V 6A           9.2 x 6.4mm 4 Pin -  TOSHIBA: 15V/6A etc.



1, Please make sure the output voltage your device uses is within 12V to 24V.you can find the output voltage on your laptop or the original AC adapter that comes

 with your device

2, Find the correct connector by trying to plug it in the device.we recommed plugging the connector in the device before it is plugged into the AC adapter

3, Intelligent Laptop adapter automatically selects the correct output voltage for a wide range of laptops when you add the appropriate connector tip