100% genuine original DELL E6400 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan


Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months
Part number: 9106T
Power: DC 5V 0.17A, Bare Fan
Wire Length: 40mm, 4-wire 4-pin connector

1. It protects your valuable data by keeping your CPU cool
2. The CPU Cooling Fan features efficient heat dissipation and low noise Perfect design for high compatibility
3. You can work as long as you like without overheating your computer
4. Keep your computer cool and comfortable on your lap or at your desk with this CPU Fan
5. High quality of material, which makes this CPU Fan Heatsink popular in the market


This DELL Laptop cpu fans can replace following part numbers:

 Dell E6400 E6410 E6510   Laptop

How to Replace a laptop cpu  fan?

1. Follow your laptop owner's manual and assembly guide carefully as you disassemble the laptop. Touch something metal periodically to remove static charge, and work on a large table with a bright light source.

2. Turn off the laptop and unplug it. Remove the main battery, CD/DVD drive and the hard drive. The hard drive is usually located in a slot on one side of the laptop. Remove the screw that holds the cover in place, then pull out the hard drive sled.

3. Turn the laptop over and remove the screws on the bottom that hold the keyboard in place. Flip the laptop over, open it, then lift the keyboard up and out. Unplug the flexible ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.

4. Remove the screws that hold the keyboard bezel and palm rest in place. Carefully pry loose any plastic snaps on the sides, then lift the bezel and palm rest up and out.

5. Unplug the  Fan Cooling Fan. Remove the screws that hold the heat sink and fan in place, then remove the entire unit from the laptop. Remove any thermal compound residue from the bottom of the heat sink and the CPU.

6. Apply a thin layer of thermal compound on the CPU, then replace the heat sink and fan. Replace the screws, plug the  Fan back in, then reassemble the laptop.

7. Plug the laptop in and turn it on. After you use it for a few minutes, you should hear the new fan running and feel warm air blowing from the vent on the side of the laptop. A  Fan does not run continuously, so don't be concerned if the Fan shuts off periodically.